It’s the sort of thing that normally only happens in urban legends. One minute you’re out partying, the next thing you know you’re waking up to discover that you’ve been drugged by a psycho who’s stolen your kidneys to sell on the internet.

In an absolutely ruthless prank video, a group of friends decided to make their buddy believe that he’d fallen victim to a real-life organ-transplant racket.

The plan starts off with an innocent night out, but what the victim doesn’t know is that his pals have put sleeping pills in his drink, which swiftly leads to him passing out.

They then take him home and place him in a bathtub full of ice before a large plaster is attached to his stomach, with a pipe leading to the toilet.  Next, they cover the room in fake blood, whilst a mock organ is placed on top of the toilet seat next to the passed out “patient”.

After all the preparations are completed, it’s show time! When the sleeping beauty awakes his reaction is what you might expect, one of complete and utter shock. In fact even after his pals try to reveal that it is all a joke, he continues to panic.

The clip, part of the infamous ‘Revenge’ series, is taking the internet by storm, attracting tens of thousands of plays on video-sharing sites. It even features a fake news item about a fictitious organ-stealing gang in Tampa. Florida!

Watch the prank below (be warned there’s lots of fake blood), and for more great clips go to Meanwhile, you love watching great TV, we’d like to recommend where there are hundreds of free live TV channels to choose from.

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