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Steven Seagal may go from being Above the Law to making it.

While making the rounds to promote the new season of his reality show, Steven Seagal — Lawman: Maricopa County, Seagal said that he is entertaining the possibility of a run for governor of Arizona.

Seagal told KNXV that what started as a joke between himself and infamous anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio has started to sound like a pretty good idea. “Joe Arpaio and I were talking about me running for governor in Arizona which was a kind of a joke,” he said. “But I suppose I would remotely consider it — but probably I would have a lot of other responsibilities that may be more important to address.”

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Seagal continued that he believes the biggest problem facing the country is its, “Open borders,” because, “across these borders, any kind of terrorism can come, and does come, and I think this is a tremendous oversight by the current administration.”

To try to solve this problem, Seagal several years ago joined Arpaio’s “posse” — which also includes Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno — a group dedicated to fighting against illegal immigration in the state.

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Seagal has also found himself fighting in court because of his activities in Arizona. He was slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly conducting an “improper” raid on someone’s home in the course of shooting an episode of Lawman — a raid that involved driving a tank through the front gate of the man’s house and killing his dog in the process, according to the complaint.

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Arpaio, for his part, has cost Maricopa County $7 million in settlements, for lawsuits that accused him of abusing his power. Plus, a federal judge appointed an independent monitor to oversee Arpaio’s office after the judge determined that he had racially profiled Latinos and detained them for unreasonable periods of time.

If he runs, and wins, he’d join a list of other at-first-unlikely seeming entertainers to join politics including Jesse Ventura, Arnold Swarzenegger, and might even give Alec Baldwin the push he needs to do what he clearly is dying to do by going political.

In conclusion, this would make for an interesting campaign, to say the least.


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