A new smartphone app has reportedly been developed in Japan which uses latest technology to measure women’s bra sizes.

Apparently all you need to do is place it between your lady puppies and the phone’s camera and sensors will do the rest. At first we thought it was a hoax, but according to a number of news sites in the UK it’s called ‘ChiChi‘ and it’s due to be launched in January.

We’ll reserve judgement on whether it’ll actually happen – but in the meantime it’s caused an angry debate on social media, where some people have questioned the appropriateness of an app that you need to shove between your breasts.

One feminist apparently wrote: “(The app) is something designed by men that women will have to pay for even though they don’t need it.”

With that in mind, here at Ginger Clam in the interests of gender equality we’d like to announce the launch of our own new app called The CockCock.

Simply whap your smartphone down your pants and it tells you the size of your man snake.


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