Here’s a blood-splattered prank video that takes gore to extreme levels.

Most people would probably shit themselves when confronted by a dude wearing an ice hockey horror-mask whilst waving a machete – but this guy took it even further and dived out of the window to try and escape!

The hilarious footage is contained in a video posted onto YouTube by The Viral Brothers. The pair cunningly used a fake floor to create the effect that an unfortunate dude had been chopped in half, leaving his guts spilled everywhere.

When Mr Machete arrives on the scene it’s all too much for the prank victim, who hurls himself to freedom.

We can’t help think it all looks a tiny but stunted, but do we care? Do we f***!

Watch and enjoy.

* If you like crazy shit head to, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos plus live stunts on interactive TV.


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