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Chief Keef, whose mixtape Dedication just dropped, will make a surprise appearance via hologram at the Hologram USA Theater on Hollywood Boulevard tonight, Dec. 7th. Hologram USA CEO Alki David will interview him about Dedication and the long awaited concept album The Cozart which FilmOn Music will release in early 2018. Reviews of Dedication say Keef is at the top of his game–doing better music than he’s done since Bang 2. Tickets are here. Read on for a special discount code. The event is from 6 to 10 p.m. and the theater is at 6656 Hollywood Blvd at Cherokee.

The theater features CBD oil infused snacks from Alchemy Health Food. The popcorn and chocolates make audiences especially receptive to the powerful hologram performances inside. YouTube provocateur Elijah Daniel (aka Lil Phag) will appear as well the comedian Michael Blackson, via hologram.

The world’s first all-hologram theater opened recently in Hollywood, just steps from the famous Egyptian and Chinese theaters. Daily shows have been packed–with crowds eager to see Billie Holiday Alive! which traces the singer’s career and includes songs like Strange Fruit (which was recently named the best protest song of all time by The Guardian UK). The theater is also showing The Sexy Hollywood Freak Show hosted by Ray J and Kato Kaelin.

The theater is the first of 150 planned to open nationwide, as told in the Wall Street Journal–with the capability to present hologram content produced by Hologram USA and to “beam” in hologram shows from other cities as Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Black, and the Florida Georgia Line have done. Comedians and musicians will be able to tour by hologram or do a single show that goes live to the whole network of theaters. Hologram USA is the only company with the patents to produce life like holograms with the same technology that was used with Tupac Shakur at Coachella and Michael Jackson at the Billboard Awards.

Chief Keef was an early adopter of this method of performing. When the Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel tried to ban him from performing in the summer of 2014, Alki David and the Hologram USA team beamed him in to the area, for an event the police found so realistic they shut it down, as if Keef was really present. That shut down prompted outcry from First Amendment watchdogs across the country, including the Washington Post.

Tickets for tonight’s show are here for $100 each.
A limited amount of free tickets are available with the discount code HOLOGRAMUSA

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