Taylor ‘squeaky clean’ Swift might be as boring as dental work, but the blonde sure knows how to rake in the moola.

Ginger Clam isn’t exactly sure how, but apparently whining about getting dumped can score you $317.8 million in less than a year. That is the sum Taylor has made since January, making her the highest paid musician in the world. Kanye must be f’ing fuming.

The 25-year-old singer sold 1.287 million copies of her new album in its first week of release alone. It landed at number one in album charts around the world.

Swift’s 1989 World Tour was another massive earner. 25 sold out dates in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania helped the poor love keep food on the table.

The albinoesque whiner has apparently notched up $13.6 million this week alone. If that doesn’t make you vomit all over your computer then Ginger Clam gives up.

Swift has somehow performed for 1.5 million fans at 24 arenas and 13 stadiums since May, according to box office figures. That’s a lot of happy teenage girls.

Commercial endorsements add millions of bucks more to Taylor’s annual earnings.

Blondey’s new man Calvin Harris better up his game, the poor bugger only earned $66 million last year. We know who picks up the tab in that relationship.

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