Reverse anorexia is a thing that’s becoming more and more common amongst fitness fanatics – and the desire to become bigger than everyone is reaching new heights.

On top of this, it seems to be common for massive ‘roid heads to have tiny little girlfriends who own tiny little dogs…so is this all because it makes them look even huger in size?

A couple of Norwegian comedians thought they’d poke fun at this obsession with pumpin’ up, so they made a viral video featuring a number of bodybuilders who visit a miniature town every year in order to look biggger.

The hilarious sketch starts off with one of the guys saying: “This tiny cup of coffee is lovely. It even makes my calves look big.”

Watch the clip below.

* Meanwhile, if you love crazy shit then head to, where there are thousands of great videos plus 24/7 mayhem on live interactive TV. 

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