Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine’s daughter and her mother were rushed to the hospital after being involved in a car crash in New York City this past Easter. It was revealed today that Sara Molina, the mother of the Brooklyn musician’s child, and their 6-year-old daughter, Saraiyah, were riding in an Uber minivan on a New York expressway when their driver was cut off.

As a result of the crash, the minivan was rear-ended. The vehicle sustained serious damage to its front end and its rear bumper.

An ambulance was called to the scene. After being examined, Molina, Saraiyah and Molina’s sister, who was also in the minivan, were  all taken to the hospital. Saraiyah, who was reportedly scared and crying after the crash, had serious pain in her arm, while Molina’s sister was left with whiplash.

However, Molina experienced the worst injuries. In addition to also suffering whiplash, she sustained a concussion and is said to still be in a lot of pain. Prior to the crash, she was battling multiple sclerosis.

6ix9ine, whose legal name is Daniel Hernandez,  was unaware the crash happened until now. But he reportedly has plans to contact Saraiyah’s grandmother.

The rapper has long had a strained relationship with Molina, even before they ended their romantic relationship. In November 2020, she accused him of being a bad father to Saraiyah on social media.

“This f*cking retarded confused miserable ass bitch ass man can drag and disrespect me all over this bitch, FINE, Idgaf,” Molina wrote. “But to address our daughter as ‘that little girl’ and literally treat her like nothing? Over the phone to my moms? LMFAOOOOO WATCH SUM now.”

The previous year, Molina claimed 6ix9ine also subjected her to horrific abuse for two straight hours. She alleged the abuse was a result of a conversation she had with his now-incarcerated Tr3yway associate, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan.

“He started beating me for two hours straight,” she said. “He had the craziest look in his eyes. I was scared. ‘Why is he acting this way?’ I had never seen him like that. He punched me so hard in my right ear I thought I was deaf.”

Molina continued, “He put his arm around my neck and started choking me. He said, ‘I just have to make an example. I can’t have you out there, making me look stupid’ … He woke up, forced me to have sex with him. I cried.”

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