Olympic Memes

Even if you don’t give a shit about sports, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are peak time to cram many of the year’s most noteworthy demonstrations of physical virtuosity into a condensed time period. But even if athletic excellence means nothing to you, there are plenty of non-sports-related reasons to get into the games: the ripped bodies, adrenaline rushes, epic blunders, and especially the SochiProblems Twitter account, just to name a few.

And of course, there are also the memes.

If you’re just tuning in, we’ll get you up to speed with just five of the biggest ones:

1. The snowflake fail heard around the world.

The Opening Ceremony dazzled, and then disappointed, when the last snowflake failed to open into the fifth Olympic ring.


2. In Russia, being gay is unacceptable, but shitting in the same stall with someone is not.

Americans struggle to familiarize themselves with certain elements of Russian culture, like its traditions of anti-gay laws — and two toilets per stall.


3. The judges pissed off American figure skater Ashley Wagner.

Upon seeing her marks in the figure skating competition, Wagner was caught on camera mouthing, “Bullshit.”


4. Bob Costas reports from Sochi with feces in his eye.

The anchor has been sporting glasses since the Winter Games opened due to pink eye.


5. Bob Costas shouldn’t touch anything.

Pink eye is highly contagious.


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