How romantic, you’ve taken your loved one out for a cosy movie night at the cinema, the tickets have been purchased and the popcorn and drinks are in hand. You walk in to Screen 1 where your seats are waiting…

Everything is going as you’d expect, until you turn the corner and see the rest of the cinema audience. Instead of a mixed group of couples and families; a grand total of 148 hard ass bikers have filled the room. And your seats are located right in the middle!

In a great viral video, Carlsberg decided to make this nightmare come true by stitching up pairs of people. The results are great.

Some couples, understandably, absolutely brick themselves. All of them hesitate and a few even decide to do an awkward U-turn, but they’re not all chickens.

The brave ones suck it up and decide they’re not gonna let the surroundings ruin their night out, and park their asses in the in between the tattooed men.

As the couples sit down a spotlight comes on and the people on each side of them pop open a bottle of beer, they pass it to them before the whole audience start to applaud them and the screen gets lit up, reading: ‘That calls for a Carlsberg’.

Not enough biker ass kicking for Ginger Clam’s liking, but a fun prank all the same.

Watch the clever viral video below. Meanwhile, go to for hundreds of online TV channels.

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