Roman Atwood has become quite an internet sensation with his elaborate pranks! These japes include pretending to rob an orphanage and turning his own home into a massive ball pit. Ginger Clam is impressed with the little tosser.

In his latest video he has gone for a slightly more basic approach, but that doesn’t dampen the entertainment value.

Atwood decided to take an empty paintball gun and target cars, making sure that the owners were close enough to spot him.

The first victim is a rather large woman (she’s fat). When the porkster spots Atwood taking aim at her car she screams: “What the f**k are you doing??!!!!!!”

When Atwood shows her that he hasn’t actually done anything, the potty mouthed woman will not let it go, she tells him: “I don’t care, you don’t play with people’s cars like that”. To which the cheeky prankster replies: “So you think it was a bad joke?” Her hilarious response: “Yes, it was a really f**king bad joke. You think so? F**king dumb a**”

Another guy tries to steal the paintball gun, whilst the finishing act sees him leave the gun behind as he escapes over a wall.

After a long day of stressful pranks Atwood calls it a day, announcing: “I’m done. This is why I do happy pranks.”

Watch the clip below. Meanwhile, go to for hundreds of online TV channels

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