It’s tough to be a member of the Kardashian clan – all that rutting must just drive you nuts.

Ginger Clam has been busily googling Kris Jenner following her recent revelation on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she is exhausted after having too much sex.

The 59-year-old mom is currently in a relationship with toyboy Corey Gamble, age 34 (and presumably they’re banging like a barn door in a windstorm).

Meanwhile Cosmopolitan recently reported about the day that Kris joined the mile high club with ex-Bruce Jenner (now curvy Caitlyn).

Kris apparanetly told the magazine: “I was with [Caitlyn] on a commercial airliner in first class. We joined the Mile High Club and felt we got away with it. We had sex in the bathroom and we came out and nobody said anything.

“At the end of the flight, the flight attendant got on the microphone ‘Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Jenner! You’ve just joined the mile-high club. We’re so proud of you, and we decided to give you a bottle of champagne! Yay!’ I could not squish down in my seat low enough. I was mortified.”

* Keep up with celebrity news at, where there are hundreds of free TV channels. Meanwhile, you can watch video of Kris talking about Corey below.

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