Net neutrality

Every once in a while the government and the courts system sticks its nose in places where it doesn’t truly understand what the eff is going on, and this week that place is the Internet. The death of net neutrality has sparked controversy and outrage across all forums, and for good reason.

Many still don’t understand the concept, but when broken down it’s easy to understand. Perhaps appropriately, Twitter tells you everything you need to know about net neutrality (for as long as the Net is still neutral, at least).

In a nutshell, the death of net neutrality means:

If you’re a visual learner and need a physical example of what net neutrality would look like if it were a traffic jam, here’s a great one.

  This means that you should probably prepare yourself.

Because now that ISPs don’t have to treat all content on the Internet the same, they can discriminate against what content actually makes it to your computer at home. Run a small website that Verizon shoved to the side? No need to worry! With a hefty fee you too can make sure your website loads quickly and reaches audiences just as effectively as it did before net neutrality got gutted. Slamming a startup with huge fees just so they can get their content out there means no more startups.

No more net neutrality also means that ISPs can block entire types of web traffic like peer to peer file sharing and online video streaming. Love Netflix? So does this guy, but without net neutrality the video and movie service may not withstand the test of time.

Since many ISPs are also cable TV providers, services like online video streaming (as FilmOn provides) aren’t good for their bottom line. Hello, capitalism.

But it’s all going to be okay!….right?

Maybe not. Let’s just say that approximately…no one…is happy about this.

And this about sums it up.

RIP Internet. 1997-2014

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