Simon Cowell‘s UK based entertainment  show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has caused social media to lose their shit and rightly so!

The insanely outrageous act from 25-year-old Alexandr Magala involved the Moldavian-born stuntman swallowing a massive sword and performing an array of mind blowing tricks!

The blood thirsty audience were going crazy whilst it looked like each of the four judges including Cowell, crapped their pants during the audition.

The most relived man in the crowd had to be the paramedic, that would have been once nasty mess to attend to if Alex f***ed it up- thankfully he didn’t!

According to the Daily Mirror a whopping 28 people complained about the life threatening stunt proving Alexandr to be one bad ass mofo.

One viewer also complained after Simon said ‘bloody’ during the show- so these are the kind of losers we’re dealing with.

We’re looking forward to watching what Mr. Magala brings to the table in the next round, hopefully he’ll bring Justin Bieber on stage as a prop.

* Watch the incredible video below and if you love crazy shit like this head to, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos, plus live interactive TV.

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