Well at least he’s honest!

Weed smoker Jonathan Davies was shot at by cops after being hauled over in a road side shake down.

After refusing to initially co-operate he roared off and led them on a merry chase through five counties before being arrested in Waco, Texas, where he smashed the shit out of his car. What a dope head.

Fox News were there to interview the crazy dude after he was finally caught. We’re bamboozled as to how someone in his f***** up state managed to get so far.

Davies clearly couldn’t give less of a shit about what happened, here’s what the nut job said:

“I am new to this state. I just moved here two months ago I didn’t really pay attention to don’t text and drive or whatever.” Solid excuse!

He later went onto say “Yeah I had weed on me. I always got weed on me.

“I’m tired of getting arrested for weed … I can’t get a regular job ever, anywhere, because of all my weed charges.” After his hour long chase where he was pursued by a series of cop cars he said: “I’m just an adrenaline junkie.”

We’re sure this little venture has worked wonders for his career.

The footage was released a month ago but it’s recently gone viral, almost racking up a million views!

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