Remember the epic viral video that showed an innocent tourist being bulldozed by soldiers who guard The Queen of England?

It showed a hapless dude being flattened by real-life Coldstream Guards (they’re the guys who march up and down outside Buckingham Palace in the red uniforms with the bearskin hats).

Well now there’s a prank version. A group of London-based jokers decided they would set up a series of incidents involving fake guardsmen.

Normally the Coldstream Guards are renowned for refusing to react when they are approached by tourists – but be warned these dudes shout, throw punches and brawl.

The tourists who are present can only watch in shock – but dig the old lady at the end who brands the whole stunt as sick.

Meanwhile, if you like crazy shit go to – the anti-social site where there are live stunts, great videos and 24/7 mayhem.

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