We all like a little spice from time to time – but a hilarious internet prank has revealed that some chilli peppers are simply too hot to be messed with.

The latest viral video from FouseyTube shows the YouTube joker wreaking revenge on a pal by secretly lacing his food with chilli extracts.

But this is no ordinary chilli. Hell no. This stuff measures 9,000,000 on the Scoville Scale – that’s enough to simultaneously burn a hole in your tongue AND your ass (in a comparison, a self-respecting Jalapeno might measure 4,000 on the same scale).

“You’re gonna kill that guy,” warns a bystander, as Fousey prepares his evil mix while wearing a protective mask and gloves.

Needless to say all hell breaks lose when the victim unwittingly tries to swallow a falafel laced with the stuff. The poor dude is left gasping for air after gulping cold milk and ice cream in an attempt to put out the fire.

Watch the video below and enjoy.

PS – If you love crazy shit like this then head to BattleCam.com – where there are live stunts and videos that include a mad dude stapling his balls to a table or a man eating a dead pigeon.

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