Remember the days when TV shows used to make you s*** your pants in suspense instead of wanting to throw up through boredom at watching reality stars?

Back in the 90s when most of the Kardashians were no bigger than rug-rats and reality TV was still a thing of the future,  secret agents Scully and Mulder ruled the roost in The X-Files.

Well now it seems that the intrepid duo – who sparked a whole genre of supernatural sleuth shows by chasing after space aliens and other crazy s*** – could be set for a return to the screen.

Fox honcho Gary Newman is quoted in UK Metro as saying: “It’s true that we’ve had some conversations on The X-Files and we are hopeful of being able to bring it back at some point.”

Here at Ginger Clam on TV Mix we positively wetting ourselves at the thought of a hot reunion for the characters played by Gillian Anderson, 46, and David Duchovny, 54, (pictured together in the publicity still above). Hell, we’re even whistling that badass spooky theme tune as we speak.

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