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Fans of The Walking Dead know each zombified trend practically before they happen, and this season has brought us some of the best.

After the premiere of each episode, comedian and host Chris Hardwick takes over AMC with Talking Dead, where he and a few others connected to the show discuss everything that happened in the most recent episode. This is where most TWD trends really get going and Hardwick is always tickled pink to see words like “pudding” and “crazy cheese” trending on Twitter.

Here are some of the best examples of what zombie fans think is the most important from this season.

AMC’s Twitter account for the show may or may not have gotten the first one going after the mid-season premiere episode featured Carl eating seven pounds of pudding.

Either way, Hardwick couldn’t contain his excitement.

For those who were curious.

Let’s not forget the most important part of this season so far.

This fan knows exactly how to stock up for the impending storms.

Even Ritz got in on the joke after TWD character Michonne found a can of cheese in an abandoned house, still sealed and everything.

This is probably what most people are doing between episodes.

Those who have to ask obviously don’t watch good TV.

Because who can even question such quality hashtags.

But make sure to keep in mind where this all started, with Hershel’s attempt at family dinners.

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