Ginger Clam loves a good prank. Once we put a raccoon in Oprah Winfrey’s bloomers and she nearly had a coronary. However, not every joke ends in such amusing fashion. Poor old 50 Cent has just been ordered to pay a humungous price for some very funny tomfoolery…

Jurors stunned Fiddy in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday by hitting the star with a $5 million slap on the wrist for a joke that went way too far.

Many years ago, the controversial rapper got hold of a sex tape featuring the baby momma of his sworn enemy Ricky Ross. Mr Cent got delightfully creative by editing himself into the filthy shenanigans, even sporting a huge wig and robe for his role.

Then Fiddy posted the video all over the net. Boom!

Now, however, Mr Cent is not laughing quite so loud. In a civil suit brought by the naughty video ‘star’, she claims that the rapper violated her civil rights for using her image without permission and caused ‘intentional emotional distress’. Jurors agreed and awarded her $2.5m for each accusation!

We should note, it doesn’t seem that 50 Cent is too concerned – he didn’t even bother showing up to court. Fiddy partied in New York instead and was seen celebrating his 40th birthday in grand style.

Maybe he’ll have a second thought when the lady in question, Lastonia Leviston, returns to court next week to see how much the jury will award her for ‘punitive damages’.

Best stick to the raccoons next time, Fiddy. Clam will show you how.

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