A little has always gone a long way with Charmin toilet paper, and last week’s Thor: The Dark World tweet was no different. On Friday, Nov. 8, the company tweeted a hilarious picture of the Charmin bear dressed up as Thor himself, equipped with a roll of toilet paper in lieu of his hammer. “We’ve always been an #Asguardian,” the tweet read.

Charmin deleted the tweet soon after, most likely because some asshole on Disney or Marvel’s legal team intervened. It was obviously someone who underappreciates potty humor and hates everything funny ever. But thanks to Geekosystem, who captured the tweet before Charmin took it down, hilarity prevails and Charmin’s glorious ass guardian joke can live on.

A toilet paper company that puns AND boasts “strength and softness” in their product? Genius. While Thor: The Dark World opened to over $80 million on its first weekend, Charmin has cornered the market on the ass-wiping habits of comic book lovers everywhere.

Well-played, Charmin. Well-played.

For potty humor so extreme even Charmin can’t clean it up, watch BattleCam streaming 24/7 via FilmOn:

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