We’ve seen a lot of badass things here at Ginger Clam but this guy wins the prize. This is perhaps even more crazy than the time Lindsay Lohan thought she could speak Arabic!

The beach dude thought he’d be able to withstand the power of a spray from a speed boat’s motor. Much to our amusement he was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Instead of the gentle sprinkiling he thought he was going to receive, hoping to cool himself against the Spanish sun in San Sebastian, he got completely and utterly wiped the f**k out. That’s one way to refresh yourself on the beach.

What we appreciate the most from this hysterical clip, is that despite the brutal force of the water, the man astonishingly manages to keep his beer in his hand. Maybe he’s not so stupid after all!

Watch the ‘genius’ take on the jet shower here:

* If you like crazy shit like this then check out battlecam.com, the social site where there are great videos and live pranks … plus loads of mayhem!

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