Everybody loves a good joke, right? But what happens when the tables are turned and the prankster becomes the real victim?

That’s exactly what happened when a group of Australian dudes managed to convince one of their own pals in Adelaide that he’d caused a fatal heart attack.

Their pal (who is called Michael) had been filming a viral video in which he attempted to scare the shit out of passers-by by jumping out on them while wearing a giant rabbit suit.

What Michael didn’t know was that he was being set-up himself.  An old-timer whom he pounced on he was so shocked that he instantly had a (fake) cardiac arrest!

Next came a dash to the hospital, where the hapless Michael was told that the old-timer had croaked. Yep, he was dead – and of course Michael thought that he was to blame.

His reaction is priceless and the resulting viral video from the Royal Stampede channel on YouTube has become a surprise hit (the old-timer was only acting, of course).

The first minute of the video is fairly bog-standard footage of Michael running around in his rabbit suit – but the fun starts at about 1min 20 seconds. Watch and enjoy.

* If you like crazy shit then check out BattleCam.com, the social site where there are great videos and live pranks … plus loads of mayhem!

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