TV bosses in the UK were forced to pull the plug on a reality show last night after a violent fight broke out live on air involving former US Teen Mom star Farrah Abrahams.

Viewers of a Celebrity Big Brother spin-off show saw the screen go blank seconds after Farrah unleashed a foul-mouthed tirade in which she branded a fellow member of a studio panel a ‘hag.’

Eye witnesses claim that a brawl then broke out during which champagne glasses were thrown – which according to Mail Online resulted in supermodel Janice Dickinson intervening by shielding a British actress who was caught in the crossfire.

A source in London told Ginger Clam: “The fight was one almighty cluster-f***. The British tabloids are now frothing at the mouth and they’ve put their top attack-dogs on the case to find out exactly what happened.”

Word is that the cops are likely to take a keen interest in footage of the fracas. It is understood that British actress Vicki Michelle, who was part of the panel, may have been hurt during the meltdown.

The UK version of Celebrity Big Brother has been making constant headlines in the UK over clashes between housemates, 50% of whom are from the USA.

Early verbal bust-ups included on-screen rows between Janice Dickinson, a regular star on FilmOn TV, and former porn-banger Jenna Jameson.

Here at Ginger Clam we’ll keep you posted about any further developments – and you can see a brief YouTube clip of the build-up to the incident below. The action freezes when Farrah makes the ‘hag’ remark to British model Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace.

Meanwhile you can watch live TV for free at, where there are hundreds of free channels top choose from.

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