Tonight’s card might be the best event this month, even beating out next week’s Pay Per View, UFC 174.

That of course is all subjective, but one fight that stands out is the co-main event between Diego “The Nightmare” Sanchez and Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson. Here are five reasons why they could steal the show.

5. The Real Deal: Okay, you don’t get the same nickname as Hall of Fame boxer Evander Holyfield without being able to bang. Ross Pearson does just that, finishing ten of his fights by knockout or submission, winning just five by decision. Pearson is “The Real Deal” always willing to exchange, which makes for an exciting fight every time he steps in the cage.

4. The Nightmare: Diego Sanchez has been a nightmare for his opponents over the years. Starting his career at 185 and now fighting at 155, Sanchez’s strength, determination and heart make it hard for opponents to gameplan. “The Nightmare” is well rounded, and can take the fight anywhere, but now more than ever would like to just swing for the fences.

3. 39-13: That’s the combined record between “The Nightmare” and “The Real Deal,” which says — these guys win, and win a lot. Their wins triple their losses, which means one of these guys will chalk one more win up in that W column.

2. 9 FOTN: Most fighters in the UFC will never be a part of one Fight of the Night; Sanchez and Pearson have been in 9, with “The Nightmare” taking in seven post fight bonuses to Pearson’s two. Oh, and another thing — Sanchez has been in 3 Fight’s of the Year. Guess how many fighters take in one of these a year? Elementary school math says two, and Sanchez has done that thrice, with his fight against Clay Guida considered one of the best fights in MMA history.

1. Safety is not first: Most people’s first goal in any situation is self preservation. This is certainly not the case for these two. Both men have disregard for their own well-being; they would rather put on a show for the fans than be concerned about sending a fight to a judges decision. With Sanchez’s huge fan base yelling out his signature “Yes, yes, yes,” positive thinking chants to Pearson’s celebrity from his country of England, both fighters will def-initely come to “bring it.” I see this fight stealing the show, in a battle where someone is sure to get knocked out. Won’t be good for whoever’s on that side of the fight, but fans will certainly get a great one to watch.

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