Cage fighter Nick Diaz opened a can of whoop ass on four morons who made the mistake of jumping the UFC warrior, at the Bellagio, last night.

According to TMZ, the former UFC welterweight title challenger apologized to a guy he accidentally bumped into at the Las Vegas hotel, and said he didn’t want any trouble.

Instead of peacefully walking away the idiot got three of his buddies to attack Diaz, which backfired big time!

Nick kicked their butts! Despite coming out of the incident which a gash to the head, Diaz doesn’t want to press charges, he told TMZ: “They got the worst of it.” What a bad-ass motherf***er!

We reckon the attackers got off pretty lucky, and just as well his brother, Nate Diaz wasn’t there, the attackers would have been in a serious world of shit!

Hopefully these pussies have learnt their lesson!

* Watch the video from TMZ below and in the meantime go to, where there are hundreds 

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