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Oh come on, like we needed another reason to spend weekends holed up watching parkour videos. Well, hold on to your Mario hats, Nintendo fans. Two guys and a creative team from Provo, Utah have done the impossible and achieved the nerd video trifecta: Mario and Luigi parkour through Salt Lake City to a rocker rendition of the classic Super Mario Brothers jams. The electric guitars keep us super pumped while serving up just enough nostalgia. Mario and Luigi stay true to the game and dodge Venus flytraps, fireballs, collect coins and 1UPs. And what Super Mario Brothers mission would be complete without a visit underground? Yes, they even parkour there, too.

In just three months since its release, the video has become a YouTube sensation with more than seven million hits. That’s not a surprise, considering that it surpassed the one million mark in the first three days. Mario, played by Christian Russell, is accompanied by Ronnie Shalvis as Luigi. The two are parkour artists from the area, so don’t be the asshole who ends up on Tosh.0 for trying to recreate this masterpiece. You’re not a ninja – but they are.

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