As if New York City drivers aren’t angry enough, Usher decided to piss a bunch of them off by playing play ping-pong in the street.

The king of ‘RnB’ was joined by his pal Mr.Flawless (a celebrity jeweller), bang in the middle of 6th Avenue!

Unsurprisingly the two dues attracted a shit load of attention, which no doubt boiled the blood of even more drivers, who were honking like crazy – nothing unusual there.

TMZ reported that the publicity stunt didn’t get anyone busted, which we’re sure motorists will be thrilled about!

Usher’s currently promoting his new album, which involves the song ‘Crash‘… which begs the question: what was his aim, to get obliterated by a massive truck?!

Here’s a snap from his Twitter page, Usher Raymond IV ‏@Usher “Shutting down 6th Ave NYC”:


* Watch the video below and in the meantime go to, where there are hundreds of FREE TV channels to watch.

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