Joe Jonas had the joy of playing everyone’s favourite game on Watch What Happens Live … and it didn’t bode well for Gigi Hadid.

TV host Andy Cohen challenged the hunk to choose from three of his brother Nick’s ex-girlfriends, who he would shag, marry or kill.

The hot singer, who boasted he was the most well hung brother, said: “I’d marry Demi (Lovato) because she’s a friend. This is a game right?” No Nick, you actually have to carry out your answers! He added, “I’d shag Taylor (Swift) and kill Gigi (Hadid).”

Amazingly, Nick isn’t the only Jonas brother who’s dated Taylor Swift, turns out Joe has well, how weird! Sharing’s caring.

To be fair, Taylor’s probably dated half the dudes in Hollywood by now, so what we’re really surprised at is that she hasn’t had a go on all three bros.

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