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Rob Thomas, no not the Matchbox 20 singer, has let some of Veronica Mars’ most shrewd fans down. Late last night, the creator and show runner who just Kickstarter’d his cancelled show back to life, fired off a missive which read:

Dear Backers,

I should warn you that this is less of an update, and more of a pre-update.

We’re almost ready to make an announcement that a lot of you have been waiting for, and that I’m excited about.

To get as much attention as we possibly can, Entertainment Weekly has agreed to help us break the news with an article tomorrow morning.

To those who have been paying attention, this read as potential for amazing news: that the show could have new life somewhere like Netflix, or that a sequel was already green-lit.

The actual BREAKING NEWS that put out, though, was just the movie’s release date. How is that worthy of a late night email, I ask you?
One major reason for more content to be readied or in the pipeline is found in what the teaser trailer has already let us know.

The film, which – spoiler alert – starts with Veronica dating fan-least-favorite Piz (I MEAN WHAT KIND OF NAME IS PIZ?!?), would probably not end that way.

Fans have theorized it could likely end with the now grown up Ms. Mars (Kristen Bell) back together with Neptune’s own Logan Echolls. It’s a pairing the has inspired countless swoons, entries, and of course, a mountain of GIF sets. So, to pay thanks back to the fans who backed this film, some fan service is probably in order. Not to mention that the show, cancelled after three seasons, was building to these two actually figuring out how to make a relationship work. A relationship challenged by years of deceit, social awkwardness and murder mysteries. You know: the stuff sequels and franchises are made of!

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