The trend today seems to be that the more outrageous the prank, the more hits it will get online.

As Ginger Clam reported recently, a guy who goes by the name of Tyrone has been taking viral videos to another level by walking up to dudes and saying he is gonna f**k their wife.

But now there are unconfirmed reports on various news sites that his pranks may have backfired when a victim responded by shooting the joker three times in the chest.

Luckily, he apparently managed to survive and he has since made a statement saying: “I’m just happy to be alive. I was just tryna see what his wife was willing to do.”

So far Ginger Clam has been unable to verify any of the reports so who knows, maybe the whole thing is a prank (!) – but hey what the hell – you can watch one of the videos below!

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