You gotta hand it to him – the dude’s got style.

50 Cent may have recently filed for bankruptcy but that’s no reason why a guy should compromise when it comes to caring for his sneakers.

The rapper apparently demanded a special room be set aside just for his footwear when he jetted into the UK recently for a live gig at London’s O2 Arena.

A source told Metro newspaper: “Fiddy is obsessed with his trainers and always wears a fresh pair.

“When he is on tour he brings so many pairs with him to choose from for the show, he requests and extra dressing room just for his sneakers.”

Quite right. A man can’t afford to too careful with his footwear.

50 Cent was once said to be worth $100million but recently lodged bankruptcy papers after being ordered to pay $5million to Lastonia Leviston after a sex tape of her surfaced online.

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