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It’s not shocking, but it definitely is ballsy. The Washington Redskins responded with fighting words to two Congressmen who pressured the team for a name change on Monday.

Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat from Washington state, and Senator Tom Cole, a Republican from Oklahoma, gave the name change effort a big push with a letter reiterating what everyone who isn’t racist has been saying for years: “Redskins” is a racial slur. Stop using it. You’re a bunch of racists.

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Rather than responding to the letter in a professional manner like the classy organization it claims to be, the Washington Redskins proved everyone’s point. Redskins spokesman and lead asshole said, “With all the important issues Congress has to deal with, such as a war in Afghanistan to deficits to health care, don’t they have more important issues to worry about than a football team’s name?”

NFL fans wouldn’t expect anything less from a team owned by Daniel Snyder, who stands by his ridiculous idea that they are “honoring” Native Americans with the name. The NFL has yet to make an official comment on the Congressmen’s letter.

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