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Politicians are infiltrating the social media sphere outside of Twitter and Facebook and before you even ask, yes, it’s getting weird…fast.

Sure, Barack Obama and Joe Biden are on Twitter. Cory Booker has a public Instagram account, and just about everyone is on Facebook. These political figures usually manage to keep their online content related to, you know, things that aren’t super weird.

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Then there’s Senator Rand Paul, who just joined SnapChat. The app that allows users to send photos that disappear after just five seconds was created with sexting in mind. The theory is that users can send salacious photos without worrying that the recipient will be able to use them as blackmail later, assuming that a screenshot wasn’t taken. That being said, apparently Paul’s first few messages were just as strange as we expected.

Users have shared their SnapChats from Paul, the first of which was a harmless “thanks for the follow” video message. The second however, was an awkward NSA joke consisting of a picture of the moon with text that, according to Time said, “Hey NSA check this out! You’ve been ‘mooned.’ But it’s disappearing, better get a screenshot fast.”

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Right wing heavyweight Michele Bachmann is another avid SnapChat user who has said that she uses the app to talk to her kids who send her foodporn, according to the Huffington Post.

Anybody else see anything wrong with this? Where does it end? Will politicians continue to creep into the younger sphere of social media technology, effectively negating the apps’ coolness factor? What’s next, Sarah Palin anonymously rating dudes on Lulu? We’re not sure, but we’re almost positive we don’t want to find out.

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