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Tonight WWE presents its annual Elimination Chamber Pay Per View. This is one of the biggest PPVs ever simply because of all that WWE has riding on the next 48 hours, namely the finalization of the WrestleMania main event and the launch of the WWE network. If you are a diehard fan, paying for the network won’t even be a consideration. Ten bucks a month for all the PPVs and untold amounts of old school content is a no brainer. The app based network is the future of the WWE and looks to change their business model for good. Here I’ll list what I’d like to see, and then what I actually expect to see.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust, The Brotherhood vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel aka RybAxel

This is the preview match and as such will probably see a rematch on Raw the next night. This match isn’t really built as a feud and shouldn’t last long, though I expect it to entertain.

What I want to see: The Rhodes Brothers pick up the win in a quick and fun match that would continue to make us all wonder if Goldust has been mixing water from The Fountain of Youth into that facepaint.

What I expect: I expect an “upset” with the brothers Rhodes starting to sow the seeds that will lead them to their eventual WrestleMania brother vs brother match.

Alberto Del Rio vs. David Batista

The feud no one wants to see as the talented but seemingly directionless ADR takes on the latest part-time guy to steal a big spot at WrestleMania, David “these jeans cost more than your whole outfit” Batista. This is nothing more than a tune up for The Animal as he’s going to be booked strong heading to Wrestlemania.

What I want to see: HERE COMES THE PAIN! Remember when Brock made it clear he wanted the WWE title? Remember how much better he is at wrestling than Batista? I’d love for him to hit the ring and F-5 Batista so hard his navel tattoo falls off and take his spot at mania vs the chamber winner.

What I expect: Bats wins after ADR works the arm for 5 minutes.

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

This is the “why bother breaking them up if neither of them are going to get a single run” thing the WWE does with tag teams from time to time. This time, “Mr. No Days Off Darren Young” is feuding against his former partner Titus. This is interesting only in that it will give us a good idea which of them the E sees fit to push. This is so close to Mania. However, I expect them both to flounder since the focus will shift to those programs.

What I want to see: The PTP engage in a blood feud battling it to a double count-out and then hug and make up to chase the title they never were able to obtain.

What I expect: Titus picks up the win after some heel tactics simply because he’s the one they’ve been giving mic time.

Big E vs. Jack Swagger (Intercontinental Championship)

For some reason Big E’s push stalled right when he was gaining a ton of steam opposite the other rising star of the moment (Roman Reigns). That being said, he is still a guy the E seems to have a lot of faith in and Jack Swagger is not. Since his drug arrest almost a year ago, Swags hasn’t been doing much aside from making fans wish he would tag in Cesaro. This feud is interesting only in that it can set the table for other things.

What I want to see: Swagger lose while Zeb keeps his sights set on Big E, leading to Cesaro vs Big E at Mania

What I expect: Same as above.

The Usos vs. The New Age Outlaws (Tag Team Championship)

The New Age Outlaws are admittedly looking pretty good and probably by default are the most charismatic tag team in the fluctuating tag division. Across the ring will be The Usos, who have been hot for a while but with the advent of The Shield, Brotherhood, Hell No and other bigger name acts have been constantly shuffled to the back of the tag team line. Is this finally when WWE pulls the trigger on their title run?

What I want to see: OH, YOU DIDN’T KNOW?! The Outlaws are still fun, but the nostalgia act is starting to wear thin already, especially since they aren’t really playing heel or face and haven’t updated their act since they left. I want to see The Usos finally get their run with the belts.

What I expect: I don’t see them taking the belts off NAO so soon but I don’t know who faces them next. They win a fun match with veteran experience after the Usos miss a high spot.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield

This is going to be awesome, in fact the only thing that would make me happier is if they put the teams in the Elimination Chamber and treated it like War Games. These are two of the hottest acts in the WWE right now with Bray Wyatt being groomed for top heel matches against Cena and Roman Reigns getting the biggest push I can remember a young guy getting since Sheamus. That’s to say nothing of the amazing Ambrose and Rollins and the ever-improving Rowan and Harper.

What I want to see: I want to see a little less Reigns and the other guys in the Shield get some time to shine. I’ll be in attendance and when the “this is awesome” chant starts, I’ll be the one who starts it. This match is going to please no matter what as long as it gets time.

What I expect: The beginning of the end of one of my favorite stables ever. The Shield is breaking up SOON, and with this being the last PPV until Mania it looks like a good time for the “Wyatt moved out of the way and Reigns spears Ambrose” leading to a Wyatt win and a rematch of the triple threat match that Reigns, Ambrose, and Rollins tore the house down with in their minor league days.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. Cesaro vs. John Cena (Elimination Chamber match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

(Grabs Soap Box)

OK, WWE this is it. This is your last chance to put the most over wrestler in the world in the main event of the biggest wrestling show in the world. This is your chance to right a lot of wrongs, your chance to prove that you do make an effort to give the fans what they want. This is your chance to show that you got the message CM Punk sent when he walked out. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO LET DANIEL BRYAN TAKE THE BALL AND RUN WITH IT.

(Give Soap Box to El Torito)

This is the most intriguing chamber in years since half of the guys in it actually have a chance to win (Cena, Bryan, and Orton) and we aren’t collectively tired of any of the other guys, least of all the suddenly red hot Cesaro. This match will be brutal featuring a lot of spots that end with a guy back first onto steel grating. This match will be met with a hopefully hot crowd as there is a ton of star power in the match. Just imagining the eventual “YES!” chants is giving me goosebumps.

What I want to see: I’d love nothing more than for the first two people eliminated to be Cena and Orton. The crowd would erupt, only exceeded by the eruption when Bryan and Cesaro at the last two. At the very least, give me a Cesaro swing and I’ll be happy.

What I expect: This is the toughest call of the night, WWE can continue doing whats “best for business” and shoving Orton on us or they can reward the fans loyalty and put the belt on Bryan. I for one have faith that they’ll go with the underdog because I cant imagine them thinking there is money in a Batista-Orton program for the next two months.

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