Bryan Singer Sexual Abuse

While most believe Hollywood to be an idyllic, family-friendly place, far from the sex, drugs, and Lindsay Lohans of the world, it seems as though the world’s pristine image of the California city may soon be proven inaccurate. Case in point: director Bryan Singer, the man responsible for perpetrating the myth that mutants live among us with his popular X-Men movies, has been accused of sexually abusing a teenage boy. Singer’s accuser, who filed a lawsuit against the director in a Hawaii court on Wednesday, claims that the abuse took place in the late 1990s, when the boy was just 17.

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According to the alleged victim, Singer assaulted him multiple times in both 1998 and 1999, both at California parties the director invited the teen to and during two trips to Hawaii. The victim claims that his friendship with Singer blossomed after the industry veteran promised him a role in one of the X-Men films, and was force to give into the director’s sexual demands after Singer claimed he would do irreparable damage to the aspiring actor’s career if he didn’t comply.

In the lawsuit, the alleged victim claims that Singer didn’t have to use any superpowers to get him to comply, just some horrible, run-of-the-mill manipulation.

The complaint states that Singer “manipulated his power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit the underage Plaintiff through the use of drugs, alcohol, threats and inducements which resulted in Plaintiff suffering catastrophic psychological and emotional injuries.”

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Singer’s camp claims that the lawsuit is bogus, and his lawyers say they are confident their client will be cleared of all charges.

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