Who would you fear the most: a black belt martial arts dude or a hard-core street hooligan?

Before you decide, take a look at this hilarious spoof self-defence video from comedian Paul Garner, who shows you how to take on somebody in a fight, hooligan- style.

Surrounded by people in traditional martial arts dress, Paul narrates: “Modern life in the city is full of hidden dangers … We are here to learn how to defend ourselves against these dangers”.

He then calls one of the students to play the role of attacker.  Paul then runs at him saying: “Come on, you f***ing slag. You f***ing want some?”

In typical street punk-style he proceeds to kick the shit out of the student before he starts on the rest of the guys in the room.

After he’s done he asks the rest to split in to pairs and tells them he doesn’t want to see any ‘Jackie Chan bollocks’.

The clip is from an old Citizen Kane sketch that has recently started to enjoy a new lease of life on YouTube. The fake violence and language are both very strong but the result is hilarious.

* Meanwhile, if you like watching crazy stuff like this then head to BattleCam.com, where there are thousands of great videos, plus live pranks and stunts.

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