A blind student who was shown being beaten senseless by a douche bag in a viral video has been reunited with his rescuer.

The Mail Online recently reported on some incredible video footage in which the young student named Austin Higley was attacked by a vile bully.

Luckily for Austin, his heroic pal Cody Pines was nearby to serve up some serious justice – knocking the bully flat on his ass!!

The camera man asked Cody what his problem was to which he replied: “He’s punching a f***ing blind kid bro, what the f*** is your problem?!

“I swear to God, if you f***ing f*** with this kid again, I will f*** you up!”

Amen! Cody, we love you buddy!

Austin and Cody recently appeared on popular U.S. show Dr.Phil to reveal the full story behind the video

Austin told his hero: “Honestly, you saved my life.”

See the interview below and then go to FilmOn.com, where there are hundreds of free TV channels to watch online.

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