With Halloween just around the corner, it would be rude not to kick-start the run-up to the big day with a zombie video.

DM Pranks Productions, the genius team behind many of YouTube’s most-viewed pranks, have made a zombie invasion clip that takes terrorising the public to a new level.

The video shows people dressed as zombies attacking pedestrians in great numbers. Using similar tactics to the infamous Killer Clown series, they manage to trap victims in awkward places such as empty parking garages and dead-end alleyways.

Now, a cynic might say that it is pretty obvious that the zombies are a hoax when six guys with a limp suddenly come out of nowhere – but in the video the victims appear to shit their pants regardless!

* Watch the video below. Meanwhile, for great entertainment throughout the Halloween festival go to FilmOn.com  – where there are hundreds of great TV channels that you can watch for free via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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