Internet joker Roman Atwood has performed many a prank in his time. Some of them are lovely and charitable – but this one involves his child supposedly getting blown up.

Roman decided he would stitch up his girlfriend during a quad bike session – during which he was racing around with their kid.

What his girlfriend doesn’t know is that the bike is remote controlled – and when she’s not looking Roman swaps the child with a life-size doll dressed in the same outfit.

He then pretends that his son is speeding off alone and the bike shoots off a jump before an explosion is heard.

The woman is absolutely devastated, but when she reaches the jump she gathers that it was another one of her boyfriend’s pranks!

“It’s not funny. That is not funny” she says before she kicks him where it hurts.

Roman – you’re one crazy f***er, but we love you.

* Watch the mean prank below. Meanwhile you can go to for hundreds of free online TV channels

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