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Streaming TV startup Aereo sent a letter to its subscribers today pulling the plug on all services, Joe Flint in the Los Angeles Times reports. While CEO Chet Kinojia continues to say “the fight will go on,” it’s still not clear what the plan is. Perhaps his best move would be to take up FilmOn CEO Alki David on the offer at the end of his post-Supreme Court ruling statement “Barry, Chet–you fought a good fight. Call me if you need work.”

Meanwhile, continues to attract new users drawn by the attention the high profile court case has created. While Aereo offered only the free-to-air broadcast signals that were the subject of the court case for a monthly fee, FilmOn has always always sought to serve its 20 million American monthly users  a multitude of channels and movies while the broadcast signal issue was resolved in courts.

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There are 600 licensed channels FilmOn already offers, everything from high quality news broadcasts; sports including MMA, soccer, and tennis; movie channels covering classic hollywood, , westerns, horror, and action; channels for auto enthusiasts, and admirers of women in bikinis; and several war documentary channels.  There is a channel devoted entirely to the films of Alfred Hitchcock, another devoted entirely to Godzilla-style films from Japan. There are international offerings including the top French news channel, France 24, and over 30 channels from across the Middle East.

Over 45,000 VoD‘s are on offer for free including the legendary Allied Film Library which includes films by Stanley Kubrick, John Huston, Frank Capra, Pier Paolo Pasolini, John Cassavetes and Buster Keaton.

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A tutorial on usage was published recently by David Greenbaum at Lifehacker which makes it very clear FilmOn is one of the easiest and quickest to master optoins for cord cutters who are sick of high cable bills and the dreaded “bundle”.

Indeed in reaction to the Supreme Court hearing, Tim White  of the usually very conservative Parents Television Council called the bundle a scourge on American families, saying, ““We are greatly disappointed with today’s Aereo ruling and we believe that the majority’s opinion failed to reflect the reality of today’s media landscape. This is a ruling for the status quo that hurts consumers. Aereo had the potential to break up the bundled-channel cable TV model that is forcing Americans to pay higher cable bills year after year for channels they don’t want or don’t watch.”

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