After excitement and controversy peaked in the UK and across the globe over the weekend, Alki David, the CEO of FilmOn, withdrew from plans to stage a hologram resurrection of the late ‘Rehab’ singer Amy Winehouse.

Just days after filing suit against Cirque du Soleil and MGM Resorts over their use of patented hologram technology, owned by FilmOn and its partners Musion, in the Michael Jackson show at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, David’s plans for other epic hologram projects came to light including the Winehouse resurrection.

As The Sun reported, David said that, “The plan is that Amy will finally tour the world after failing to do so when she was alive. 
With an orchestra and her hologram, she can take to the stage and fans can see her perform her legendary hits.”

But despite David having worked through proper channels – Trenton Harrison Lewis, who manages the singer’s  foundation, and Raye Cosbert, who manages her estate — and negotiating in good faith, the prospect has proved stressful for Winehouse’s family. Finally, on Monday morning Mitch Winehouse, the singer’s father, came undone, tweeting that the plans were “utter rubbish.”  This despite having told The Sun previously that, “The most important thing to Amy was the music and I’m sure a lot of people would like to hear her sing again, whether it’s a book, an album or a hologram.”

Despite feeling betrayed by the father’s change of heart, David has put the Winehouse project aside in favor of dozens of other celebrity hologram projects in the works, including one involving a living artist, Flo Rida.

“Our London office was in negotiations with the managers of Amy’s music and image to bring something the world craved — closeness with the beloved artist and her voice,” David told TV Mix. “But I have no desire to cause her family any duress, and have withdrawn all offers to the family to make this happen.”

Fan reaction on Twitter has varied, including some from fans (including Amy Winehouse Forever (@AmyWinehouseFVR) and Amy Winehouse Forum (@AmyWForum) who are excited by the prospect:

Of course some were skeptical, bordering on cruel:

Shockya.com reports that, “The talks hadn’t reached the money stage, although Alki has been left wondering if that was a factor.  But Alki won’t be losing any sleep as there are a number of options on the table to recreate other major artists.”

The possibilities the technology provides are endless, as David will demonstrate to potential partners and clients from the FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills in April.  “This is by far the most exciting business opportunity I have ever seen. Imagine running 100 meters against Usain Bolt or resurrecting Richard Pryor!”

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