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Anna Kendrick must have spiked the SNL writers’ room coffee because Saturday’s episode was nothing short of amazing. Anna and the SNL cast hit it out of the park, sketch after sketch. The episode opened with a hilarious, almost-too-soon, mockery of the General Motors CEO’s Congressional testimony. Anna Kendrick took the stage and wasted no time turning the monologue into a musical number. The petite, Oscar-nominated actress is known for her booming voice and passion for musical theater. She paid tribute to Disney’s Beauty and Beast with a Saturday Night Live rendition of ‘Bonjour’.

Kendrick’s success as host proves how helpful it is to have talented hosts on SNL. She might not make the headlines like Miley Cyrus or bring in the ratings like Justin Timberlake, but Kendrick definitely held her own. She has great range as an actress, whether she’s playing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s nervous therapist in 50/50, an edgy punk rocker turned acappella singer in Pitch Perfect (the awful movie everyone still went to see), or an ambitious new hire in Up in the Air.

Her versatility made her the perfect addition to the SNL cast, so it’s no surprise that they finally nailed it with this episode after a series of recent disappointments. The two winning skits of the night were definitely Kendrick as the Little Mermaid and her teaming up with fellow Nasty Girls for ‘Dongs All Over the World’.

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