Billy the Fridge (BTF) is a mountain of a man. He’s 6’3, broad-shouldered and wears a glazed donut pendant to symbolize his victory in a donut-eating contest where he consumed 11 huge donuts in one setting.

Billy is a musician (who also does comedy between his songs) and an active BattleCam user. He stopped by the Cavahole — or rather, the CrusinHole — last week briefly to comfort Sara during her tenancy in the temporary structure. He also acted as “freelance security,” as he phrases it, when he helped to break up the diaper-ed fight between Justin and Cruisin towards the very premature end of the Cavahole experiment.

Originally from Seattle, Billy has a few music videos online for your perusal — like this one for “Just a Bill.”

You can check out Billy’s music online at, and you can watch him on BattleCam.

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