As much as we’d like to consider celebrity gossip the apex of the journalistic profession, we know as well as the next guy that it’s near impossible to keep things funny day after day while discussing the relative merits of Kim Kardashian‘s butt ad nauseam.

However, in a medium that seems to produce many imitators and few innovators, a few blogs still manage to deliver quality content while giving us the good stuff — we know that being in the market for a little humor and some editing isn’t mutually exclusive with wanting to know who pulled out the first handful of weave on a Real Housewives episode.

Here are seven picks for places to find celebrity news for people with interests that lie beyond the Disney Chanel’s Saturday lineup:

1. Vulture: New York Magazine has long been one of best sources for traditional journalism in print, but in the past decade, its blogs, including Grub Street, the Daily Intelligencer, and entertainment site Vulture have become the brand’s real standouts. From the blog’s irreverent celebrity interviews to recent hire (and internet hero) Lindsey Weber‘s obsessive TV recaps, Vulture has raised the bar on celebrity discourse.

2. The A.V. Club: If you love The Onion and don’t respect celebrities, The A.V. Club is ideal for you. It’s all the twerking, with none of the Miley, if you will.

3. Gawker: New York-based current events site Gawker is a hodgepodge of content, running everything from political coverage to in-depth analyses of celebrity selfies. Their strong suit, however, lies in their hilarious combination of reverence and disdain for celebrity culture — from large, uncaptioned photos of the saintly Jennifer Lawrence to lengthy tirades calling Kimye collaborations “cold garbage.”

4. The Awl: When former Gawker editors Choire Sicha and Alex Balk departed their former site to create their own new media brand, they weren’t going to play by former managing editor Nick Denton‘s rules. In fact, they weren’t going to play by any rules at all. Instead, their site combines a bit of every type of current events content, with a healthy celebrity focus, in addition to cat gifs, recipes for bread, and about as much beard and whiskey content as you’ll find anywhere else on the Internet.

5. TVLine: A more traditional celebrity news site than the others on this list, TVLine, the brainchild of former EW journalist Michael Ausiellomanages to provide news, spoilers, and snark, without relying too heavily on the latter.

6. Uproxx: Covering movies, tv, music, sports, and tech news, Uproxx produces content that is equal in both volume and versatility. Helmed by former Rawkus Records co-founder Jarret Myer, the site has an ear-to-the ground approach that keeps its news fresh, while delighting readers with its irreverent evergreen material.

7. Crushable — A heavily female-oriented entertainment site from the people who brought you ladyblog The GlossCrushable manages to strike a healthy balance between reverence for traditional objects of fangirl infatuation, with their jaunty listicles, and Ghostface Killa references, for the OG in all of us.

Watch non-stop celebrity gossip on Celebrity Buzz via FilmOn:

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