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In what FilmOn CEO Alki David considers a definitive final verdict in the Michael Jackson/Brandon Howard controversy, the DNA of the pop star has been retested and reopened, on camera, and declared a match.

According to the DNA report, there is a 98.04% probability that Howard, 31, is the son of musician Miki Howard, whose career was managed by Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson. Howard’s uncanny resemblance to Jackson coupled with Miki Howard’s industry nickname of “Billie” have led to speculation about Howard’s true father, though the rumors have never been proved either true or false.

This latest attempt to uncover the truth began on March 6, when David held a press conference at FilmOn Studios in Beverly Hills, claiming to open DNA results indicating that the Miami musician was the son of the late pop star. The DNA was procured from an impression that cosmetic dentist Dr. Joseph Goodman bought at a public auction. According to Goodman, the impression from the Moonraker contained enough DNA to conduct a test.

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After the results were met with doubt, David decided to retest them, this time on camera. He invited media to Goodman’s Beverly Hills office where he and the dentist conducted the swabs live, put them into their appropriate envelopes and mailed them off to the lab. David stressed the importance of the individual case number.

David also interviewed Howard at his home. Howard has said, throughout this entire process, that he will seek none of the Jackson estate no matter what and just wants to continue being himself.

This morning back at FilmOn, David held a second press conference. The new DNA results once again were a match, confirming that Brandon Howard is indeed the son of Michael Jackson.

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