American Idol season 12 winner Candice Glover is finally releasing her debut album, Music Speaks, to some unfortunately lame reviews.

The 24-year-old’s silky vocals don’t seem to be enough to push her to the level of stardom Idol has always promised. Despite noting that “TV’s loss is music’s gain,” The LA TimesMikael Wood only gave two and a half stars to Music Speaks.

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It may be highly anticipated by diehard fans of the show but let’s not forget to mention that Glover won during a time when the series suffered all-time-low ratings. Maybe America is finally tired of the squeaky clean music churned out by Idol, or maybe it’s the natural course of a series that has been running for so long, but according to The Huffington Post there was a 33 percent drop in ratings from the season 11 to season 12 finales and that spells disaster either way.

To her credit, Glover has been called a “big-voiced soul belter” by Wood and does have more talent than your average American Idol star, but between the album release being pushed back twice and the fact that it more than likely has a super clean and polished sound, we don’t have huge hopes for its actual release.

Now in its 13th season, American Idol is working hard at pushing another 15-minute-celebrity through the ringer before last season winner has even had the chance to release her debut. Music Speaks hit shelves on February 18th and with all the lukewarm buzz we can only imagine the number of sales that will follow.

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