Once again a heckler gets owned by a comedian – when will these people learn?!?

Funny man Steve Hofstetter, 36, was telling jokes about parenting, when one a woman in the audience took offence. What followed was priceless entertainment.

“It takes more effort to order a pizza than it does to have a child,” said Steve.

The woman hit back by shouting, “Bullshit!”

The exchange that followed saw the woman get ripped to pieces after she claimed Steve had no right to comment because he didn’t have any kids.

He replied: “I’ve never flown a helicopter, (but) if I saw one in a tree I could still be like, ‘dude f***ed up, it’s not supposed to be up there’ … I get what you’re saying but when something is fundamentally wrong you can just tell.”

Steve went on to ask if the heckler liked sport, she responded by saying she’s a Redskins football fan and is upset when they lose.

Hofstetter then concluded the ass-whopping by saying: “Have you ever played professional football? … So what the f*** do you know about football then!”

Hopefully this taught all hecklers a lesson … to know when to shut the f*** up.

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