Simon ‘trousers to armpits’ Cowell faced humiliation on live TV last night when an intruder breached security and stormed onto the X Factor stage.

In what was a serious security breach, viewers watched a terrified Cowell leap from his seat before the intruder was eventually wrestled from the stage.

Insiders say Cowell was ‘shocked and shaken’ following the live show fiasco. The star made a sarcastic comment to viewers immediately afterwards about the ‘great security’ on the production.

It is expected that security personnel will be in the firing line after a thorough investigation is completed.

The intruder was later identified as renowned prankster Lee Nelson. The 37 year old dressed up as one of the band members of ‘Stereo Kicks’ and pretended to be part of the group.

While Nelson posed no menacing threat, the incident highlighted how vulnerable stars on the show are.

An X Factor executive producer, Mark Sidaway, revealed that Nelson was actually the one who faced violence.  Sidaway tweeted that the prankster was ‘booted in the nuts by a make-up girl’ after the incident!

Ginger Clam suggests that Cowell promotes this karate kicking chick to be his new security boss.

The X Factor gave Ginger Clam this official statement: ‘During Stereo Kicks’ performance this evening, there was a brief disturbance on stage, which was immediately dealt with by security. The performance continued as planned.’

You can watch the next live X Factor show by tuning into ITV 1  (below) for free at <a href=””></a>.

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