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The conflict over Crimea continues after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the annexation of Crimea. Pro-Russian forces have since stormed a Ukrainian navy base located in Crimea.

Crimea has belonged to the Ukraine in recent times, but with the upset of Ukraine’s leadership and displacement of President Viktor Yanukovych, there’s been conflict regarding what exactly happens to the contested peninsula. Currently, demographics indicate there are more Russians than Ukrainians residing in Crimea and many Russian-owned properties.

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The U.S. has promised to offer support to NATO allies and Ukraine.

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Media coverage of the crisis has been varied depending on who and where you’re getting it. Vladimir Putin has often been a Daily Show mocked, Super Bowl ring-stealing villain from a country that seems to produce most of James Bond’s greatest adversaries. The Moscow Times rounds up British coverage that appears particularly sarcastic, using sardonic photos and puns. An article in The Guardian echoes this with more examples of over-the-top claims that the new cold war has begun.

There have been, however, multiple news services globally offering alternative sides to the conflict. France24 has both pro- and anti-Western viewpoints.

Via FilmOn’s streaming TV service, you can access multiple networks across the world for up-to-the-minute coverage of the conflict as it develops, as well as other news stories from across the world including the coverage of flight MH370. Some of our suggestions include:

Check out domestic reports from the Associated Press via FilmOn Breaking News.
Al Jazeera, meanwhile, offers international coverage.
China Central Television (CCTV News) offers reports from China.
Press TV offers a roundup of global events. 

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And The New York Times’ World News promises to keep you up to date with all new developments:

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